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COVID Vaccine

Click here for a COVID UPDATE: Vaccinate Children and Changes in Mask Recommendations

Get your child vaccinated as soon as possible


We are seeing patients with telemedicine and in-person based on your needs.

For office visits, it is important that you fill out the Covid screening questionnaire. IF you suspect Covid, do not come to the office, do a telemedicine visit.

Allergy shot and biologic injection patients will be given a specific appointment time. If the patient is a child or needs assistance, only one adult may accompany them and must also wear a mask.

We are seeing patients in office but if you prefer telemedicine, this option is available as well. We are following appropriate Covid hygiene protocols for the safety of all. Many problems can be handled this way and is more convenient. If the clinician determines you need an exam or testing, you will come to the office and the visit will be quicker and more focused. We are following appropriate Covid hygiene protocols for the safety of all.

Spirometry and lung function tests. We are scheduling these now. You will be required to get a Covid test within 3 days of the procedure or do a rapid Covid test at the office. Payment for the test is a patient responsibility if not covered by insurance.

Food oral immunotherapy/desensitization– is available. Please note that this is NOT covered by insurance in our practice. Please contact us if you are interested in this program.


Food Oral Immunotherapy/Desensitization FAQ’s

Consent form for Food Oral Immunotherapy

Your safety is our main concern. If you have questions or suggestions, please ask.

Wishing you and your families well

– Drs. Kreiner, Strauss, Ahmad, Sussman, and the Staff of Strauss Allergy and Asthma Division of Allied Physicians Group


Hospital Affiliations

Your First Appointment

Whether your first appointment is in person or telemed, you will receive the Phreesia pre-visit registration workflow via text or email a few days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it. This provides doctors with helpful information regarding your medical history. At this time you will have the opportunity to upload your insurance card and pay your copay.

Patient Forms

Other Practice Forms:


Insurance and Payment Information

Strauss Allergy and Asthma is a provider for Medicare and most major insurance plans, and provides insurance billing. You are responsible for knowing the terms of your policy. You are responsible for providing referrals if needed and co-pays at the time of service and for paying any coinsurance, deductibles or other charges not covered by your insurance in a timely manner. If you have questions regarding billing or which insurance plans we accept, please contact us. Questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits should be directed to your employer or insurance company.

Privacy Practices

Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. A copy of the privacy practices is available on request.

A copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices will soon be posted on this website.


Office Updates

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Treating Adults and Children since 2007.

March 20, 2020

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Drs. Robyn Kreiner and Raphael Strauss


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Attention patients: Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan Change

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Over the past week, we have received many calls regarding Coronavirus. In our efforts to keep our patients calm and informed, Dr. Strauss has compiled current recommendations for patients with asthma.

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